प्रत्नकीर्तिमपावृणु = Force the shade of ancient glory for generations.

Style Sheet for Pratnakirti (On-line refereed research Journal).

A Paper should be in accordance to:

  1. Title of the Paper.
  2. Author/s name with e-mail/s. (Affiliation of author/s should be given in footnote with adding symbol/s.
  3. Abstract.
  4. Key-words.
  5. Body of paper, with or without headings & subheadings
  6. Concern latter, if the paper contains:
    • A. A Manuscript to publish in full.
    • B. Miniatures from any Manuscript.
    • C. First source material related to Archaeological values.
  7. Conclusion.
  8. Bibliography.

2. Style of bibliography:

A. For published articles:

  1. Gode, P. K., “The Bhagavadgita in the pre-Shankaracharya Jain sources”, ABORI, vol.-20, part-2, January-1938, pp.188-194, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Poona.

B. For published books:

  1. Krishnamachariar M., (Ed.) 2009. History of Classical Sanskrit Literature. Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi-110 007. India.
  2. उपाध्याय, आचार्य बलदेव, मिश्र, प्रो. जयमन्त (सम्पादक), २००३ ई., संस्कृत-वाङ्मय का बृहद् इतिहास (पंचम-खण्ड : गद्य), उत्तर प्रदेश संस्कृत संस्थान, लखनऊ, भारत.

3. Fonts for compose the paper:

  1. For English use the ‘Times new roman’.
  2. For Sanskrit or Hindi use the ‘Unicode Mangal’ or ‘Arial Unicode M S’ fonts only.

4.Special presentation:

  1. Don’t use special characters, columns, tables, charts etc. in paper.
  2. If the columns, tables, charts are used in the paper please send its “M.S. word” file also.

5. NOTE:

  1. Papers should be original contribution of their authors and should be prepared through research methodology.
  2. Authors should ensure whether their paper is not already published anywhere or in communication.
  3. Authors are requested to send their paper by their own e-mail, otherwise it will difficult to update them about their papers status time to time.
  4. Don’t quote the references from secondary sources or if you have not visited them.