अच्युतचरणतरंगिणि शशिशेखरमौलिमालतीमाले। मम तनुवितरणसमये हरता देया न मे हरिता॥ - Rahim

Muslim Contribution to Sanskrit Learning (Mughals), Volume-1.

  • Khan-Khana Abdur-Rahim and Sanskrit
  • (Book is written into Hindi)
  • Author: Pratap kumar Mihsra
  • First Edition: 2007 A.D.
  • Introduction 6, + 342 pages
  • Bibliography, Index, etc.
  • ISBN: 978-81-906145-0-4 (H.B.)
  • Price : 250/- (Enriched Price)
Published with Financial Assistance of Government of India.

Since last 375 years, several historical and literary evidences have been presented regarding the study of Sanskrit-writing and contributions of Khan-i-Khanan Abdur-Rahim Khan alias Rahim. But, unfortunately; these textual evidences were not found to be explained and simplified for the general readers of Sanskrit and Hindi Literature.

The sources of Sanskrit-learning of ‘Rahim’, his communication with renowned Sanskrit scholars and poets of his time, his art and capacity in the field of criticism of Sanskrit poetry, his rare and generally unknown Sanskrit works, records and evidences, publications and popularity of his Sanskrit works, his Sanskrit-love and Sanskrit writing skills, some unknown Sanskrit works on him and some other historical and literary records discussed in this book would be an asset for a general reader or a researcher of Sanskrit.

An extended discussion about "The origin and the later history of Barvai-chhand" and "The consideration of Trishuli as Panditraj-Jagannath" presented in this book, will be an additional remark to the History of Hindi and Sanskrit Literature.

All Sanskrit works of Rahim and a separate Sanskrit text about him, is published in the Appendix. This publication will help scholars to evaluate the Sanskrit Knowledge and texts of Rahim.

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