प्रत्नकीर्तिमपावृणु = Force the shade of ancient glory for generations.

Unknown and Rare Works Publication Series. No.-3

  • Advaitamritamanjari
  • (A Collection of 400 Sanksrit Poems)
  • By Achyutarao Modaka (d. 1839 AD)
  • Editors:
  • Vimalendu Kumar Tripathi,
  • Raicharan Kamal
  • Translated into Hindi:
  • by Pratap Kumar Mishra
  • First Edition: 2020 A.D.
  • Introduction 42, + 152 Pages
  • Appendix, Index. Bibliography etc.
  • ISBN: 978-81-906145-8-0 (H.B.)
Price: 300/- (Published by Institute)

Advaitamritamanjari, a rare poetical work of Achyutarao Modaka (1778-1839 A.D.) of Panchavati (Nasik, Maharashtra) is the collection of three hundred Sanskrit poems in Arya meter. There are three Shatakas in the work viz. Ratimukula, Nitimukula and Ratinitimukula.

A rare Manuscript of this work was preserved in our Sansthan’s collection while another was found in the Oriental Institute, Vadodara (Gujarat). On the behalf of these two Mss. Copies, the work was edited by two young scholars of the field of Modaka-studies.

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