प्रत्नकीर्तिमपावृणु = Force the shade of ancient glory for generations.


'PRATNAKIRTI' is an on-line refereed quarterly journal of this Institute. While this journal is dedicated to obtain the aims of the Institute i.e. प्रत्नकीर्तिमपावृणु as well as विश्वबन्धुत्वविस्तारकं संस्कृतम् thus all the works related to Indology or Indic Studies are kindly accepted here. Pratnakiriti welcomes the highly researched papers, concerned with:

  1. Unknown and rare works of Sanskrit Literature.
  2. Unknown Poets and Authors of the Sanskrit and Hindi Literature, their works, contributions etc.
  3. Sources of the Indian history viz. Inscriptions, Plates, Manuscripts, Miniatures, Coins etc., facts reflected in these sources, their contributions to Indian History and civilisation etc.
  4. Rare and briefly discussed portions of published Sanskrit literature.
  5. Sanskrit as the source of Indian History and Indian History as reflected in Sanskrit.
  6. Contribution of Indians, as well as non-Indian Scholars, Rulers and Individuals to Sanskrit.
  7. Universal kingdom of knowledge and Sanskrit, their relation and contribution to each-other.
  8. Works translated into Sanskrit from languages of India and abroad.
  9. Works translated into languages of India and abroad from Sanskrit.