प्रत्नकीर्तिमपावृणु = Force the shade of ancient glory for generations.


The Library of this Institute actually is the private collection of Pratap Kumar Mishra wherein 10000 rare books on History, Sanskrit and Hindi Literature, Comparative Literature and Philosophy in English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit languages are preserved. The collection has 1500 Lithograph Editions of books from Naval-kishor Press of Lucknow and contemporary Presses of sub-continent.

The collection of Persian and Urdu translation of various Sanskrit texts is the rare collection of this library.


There are 1500 rare and rarest Manuscripts of Vedic-literature, Philosophy, Tantra, Jyotisha, Karmakand, Sahitya-shastra, Kavay and Hindi Literature preserved in the library. A manual Catalogue is prepared for scholars while the descriptive catalogue is under process.

Manuscript Catalogue